The best elliptical workout ensures a variety in workout routines

The elliptical in the gym is a mainstay for good reason. It provides great cardio, is comfortable on the joints, and offers total body workout. There is the best elliptical workout if you do not consider the unconventional elliptical workout. Thus, an elliptical workout is for people liking to mix the workout routine.

Here are the routines:

Interval Training
This is the right way to torch calories in high amounts in a short time. The interval training basis is to switch between high and low-intensity exercise bouts that actually promote the ability of the body to burn fat.

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High-intensity interval training is popular as it offers a combination of lighter and intense exercise, or rest periods, to incorporate the principles. First, set a minimum time of 20-30 minutes, start with light resistance at an easy pace, remember do not set the trainer at no resistance.

Consider a warm-up for five minutes and take the resistance high to maintain the pedals moving and hold the posture and resistance level for 30 to 60 seconds. Alternate these intervals for 20 minutes at least and cool for 5 or 10 minutes after workout.

Muscle Toning
With elliptical trainer keep the focus on the resistance and incline controls, besides the stationary and moving handlebars. Perform a complete body workout or solely focus the lower or upper body.

Lower body toning means the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps muscles should be focused. You must start on a higher incline, work in the resistance. Begin with 5 to 10 minutes warm-up, little resistance, and no incline. Slowly increase the incline and move your feet slowly, without compromising your posture or form. Use stationary handlebars to get stabilized and focus the lower body.

Upper body toning means work combinations keeping slight incline but concentrate on the resistance. Remember this routine to use stationary handlebars. Set higher resistance controls if you use handlebars while working for the upper body, than using your lower body momentum. Get a complete body workout, balance resistance and incline using the moving motion and handlebars.

Cardiovascular Strengthening
An elliptical trainer offers cardiovascular benefits same as treadmill running, but with elliptical training, you can work on your cardiovascular system without stressing or injuring your joints. Thus the injury is less, the joints stay protected and the focus is completely on the workout.

Get benefits from cardiovascular strengthening from an elliptical trainer, starting with a warm-up of 5 to 10 minute with no incline and light resistance. After a warm-up, start increasing the resistance steadily to maintain a “runners” pace. Pump arms as though you are really running; it offers improved balance and works on the upper body.

You can integrate resistance, but always end your workout with a cool day of 5 to 10 minute and stretch.

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